Sunday, 11 February 2018

Lifestyle | I met my Idol Victoria! - In the Frow

Happy New Year! I hope you are all embracing this year and have exciting things planned. Every year we make promises and goals to ourselves that this year will be better than the last. So good luck with whatever your hopes and dreams are this time round - You can do this! Wasn't January long!! It felt like 3 months not one, I was so glad when February rolled round so the year can begin. This year I plan on saying 'yes' more instead of hiding away and to be more adventurous. So I applied to win tickets to Google's Pixel Party hosted by none other than the lovely Victoria from In the Frow. Fortunately I was one of the lucky few that got the invite and grabbed my best heels ready to enjoy a rare night out with my best friend in a beautiful setting with stunning views over the city. The event was held at Marco Pierre White's Champagne Bar and was full of windows so you could enjoy the panoramic views from wherever you were standing overlooking the city centre. It was a very sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere with quite a few canap├ęs to choose from and pretty instagram-able drinks, a nail art station and Virtual Reality experience through the new Google Pixel 2 phone. Now that was an experience! There was also a chance to try out the new phone and see google's version of Alexa and also a Q&A / opportunity to say hello to Victoria too.

Can I Just say how lovely and genuine Victoria was and how much of a legend she was for standing in those heels all night! No sitting down for a few minutes here and there like I did. It was so lovely seeing her do so well now. She was so down to earth and exactly like her youtube videos. Victoria was one of the first people I started to subscribe to and read her blog, so to meet someone who inspired me to never give up on dreams and work hard for what you want was so surreal. She spent about 10-15 minutes, maybe longer with us talking about all things Disney World, fashion and designer shoe dilemmas. From life tips to fashion, beauty and travel. Victoria has it all over on her blog and youtube and has really helped me keep up with what is currently trending in the fashion world and what items would currently suit my style, how to be a little bit more mature (for a twenty-five year old anyway) and to just enjoy life to the full and say yes to opportunities, so thank you Victoria! You can take a look at her blog or youtube here or here - theres something there for everyone. All in all the event was lovely, it was in a great location with beautiful views and we had a great night. Until next time..

Dress: New Look (an old purchase)
Heels: Kate Spade New York (Lydia heels)
Cameron Street Mini Candace Bag: Kate Spade New York (other colours)
Necklace: Swarovski (Miranda Kerr Collection)

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