Sunday, 20 August 2017

Lifestyle | Bedroom makeover

   Hello, hello! So I've been enjoying some well earned time off. It's been lovely to just sit, chill out for a while. I've also been busy giving my bedroom a complete makeover. It hasn't had a full re vamp since I started secondary school and that was a long time ago! So, I grabbed my laptop and started scrolling through Pinterest, google and Instagram finding as many pictures, colours and styles I liked. I knew I wanted it to be mature but very feminine and went for Kate Spade inspired colours - pink, white and gold. I had a set price for the renovations but also wanted to try and make use of the furniture I already had. I was lucky that most of my furniture was white so was able to keep the essentials like the wardrobe/chest of drawers and just added the bed and wooden flooring. Something to look out for, as this along with the bed frame and mattress can be expensive and will take up the majority of your budget. I also planned where things could go and if I would have room to add more furniture. I found floating shelves extremely useful as I have a lot of collectibles/snowglobes that I like to display and these are a perfect space saver. Before my room was dark, cluttered and felt tiny. Now its spacious, light, cosy and as minimalistic as I can get it.

   I had plenty of help thanks to mom and dad when it came to redecorating the walls and putting together the shelves and bed. Unfortunately, my walls aren't as nice as I would have liked them to be as over the years I've drilled into them so much that there were too many holes to count, so going for a textured paper helped to hide the holes and was a life saver! It took around 4/5 days to get the old paper off and the new onto the walls and painted. But beware of unexpected problems that may put a halt to your decorating like having to re-do plastering as this takes both time and money. As for accessories, I went for rose gold and pink which I thought would look pretty against the white walls. Most of the accessories and furniture are from Ikea and Primark - my favourite shops for home at the moment! I spend way too much time in Primark looking at the new additions I could add to my room. I love the finished product and don't know which part of my room is my favourite. My room looks and feels like a twenty something year old's, but still shows my personality throughout. Take a look at the before and afters below. Let me know which part of the room you like the most. Ps. Who knew that upgrading to a double bed would feel like heaven! Until next time..  


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