Sunday, 27 August 2017

Fashion | Hogwarts comes to Primark

Hey guys, currently eating pancakes and watching films whilst writing this and couldn't think of better way to enjoy a lazy Sunday night! Today's post is a must for the excited muggle inside you as every Harry Potter fan will be heading to a Primark store near them asap. They've just released a whole range of clothes, bags, jewellery, shoes, homeware and more. I headed to my local Primark to check out what was in store for us muggles and ended up buying quite a few things. I always find that stores have different stock and you can find some real gems if you in the right place at the right time. Literally. You have to purchase it the day you see it as you'll probably never set eyes on the item again if you don't. Anyway, lets get on with my Harry Potter haul.

There isn't a lot this time, but i'd rather buy things i'd use a lot rather than have them sit in the back of my wardrobe forever, waiting to be worn. First up is this supersoft, cosy, thin jumper that's supposed to be part of a pyjama set. I plan on wearing it with jeans or leggings for a comfy day. I love the Hogwarts castle on the front. It's very oversized, loose and sort of has a bat-wing style to it which is perfect for relaxing!
 Next up is the cosy dressing gown. Inside its warm and toasty and features house logo's including the Hogwarts crest and marauders map. This is perfect for lounging about in and has large pockets too which is handy for putting excess snacks and your phone in when you've run out of hands. I love the tags on all the items in this range as it adds a nice touch eg. H.Potter on the label, or the Hogwarts acceptance letter paper tag.
Last but not least is the cutest slippers in the form of Hedwig the Snowy Owl. How cute!! I saw them on the day of the Harry Potter launch in stores, but decided not to get them as i'd bought all the things above, socks and the bedcover. Yeah.. I kind of went on a bit of a shopping spree that day, oops. I've been looking out for them ever since and had doubts I'd never find them again. Someone must have been looking out for me as I returned the bedcover due to the colours not matching with the theme of my room and they appeared in the corner of the store, on the floor -the last pair.. in my size!! I just had to have them! How adorable are the mini wings and tail on them!? I love them so much, I think this may have been my favourite purchase of all three. What has been your favourite item from the Harry Potter range? Until next time.. 

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