Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Walt Disney World | Hollywood Studios

*All Photos are my own*
I finally got to go to the happiest place on earth last year after years of asking and saving, so I thought I'd share some of photos and cute little memories with you. So, Hollywood Studios wasn't the first park I stepped foot in, but it was a park that I loved in terms of shows. I studied film at university - so it only seemed right to make a trip here and explore the world of animation. This park was about 5/10 minutes from the hotel we were staying at so it was perfect if we didn't want to spend all day there, or if we wanted to visit another park. After checking in with security we were through the gates and ready to enter a Whole New World... bad joke haha! I'll have to admit this wasn't my favourite park out of the six and my first impressions were that there really wasn't much to it. It wasn't until I explored that I found some things to see and do.

The first thing that had us stood still for minutes was the Star Wars shows. Stormtroopers came from every angle to reunite with their leader and they really are exactly like the film. We also saw another quick show which involved CP30, R2D2 and my favourite little droid BB8! Once the shows were over, we took to exploring and came across a place any Star Wars fan would love - the Launch Bay. This is sort of mini museum of film posters, props, etc but was also a change to meet some of the characters from the film. I must admit I did jump a little at the random stormtroopers making their way through the rooms on 'patrol' when I was minding my own business, but hey ho! In my defence they are quite tall and when stood face to face with one, it does feel like they are the superior ones! My dad is the big Star Wars fan so he was delighted when he ended up being part of a ride! To be honest it was pretty cool!
Now onto one of my favourite parts of this park and the excited child in me was more than happy to know that there was a Beauty and the Beast show! It was definitely one of the best things I saw that day. The performance was beautiful and whilst my dad waited in line for the Tower of Terror (which I gladly chickened out of), I decided to become a part of Ariel's world as Voyage of the Little Mermaid was a show i'd spotted on the way in. I loved this film as a child and still do, so to see this on stage was pretty good too. My favourite Disney films are definitely all Princess ones so these shows made you feel like you were apart of the films. Ps. Prince Eric is probably the hottest animated Prince (as far as animated Princes go, so!) The next show we went to just so happened to be a sing-a-long. A Frozen sing-a-long and the storytellers were brilliant and made sure the crowd were entertained throughout, and of course there were appearances from Anna, Elsa and friends!
Next up was Pixar and the ride EVERYBODY wanted to go on. So much so that the only way we could get on this ride without queuing for hours was through the fastpass system. I can see why! This fun filled shooting game is kind of like the Buzz light-year/Zurg game but more fun and uses most of the characters throughout. Toy Story Mania was by far one of my favourite 'rides' of this park, I had so much fun and even beat by dad by quite a lot! You can tell I'm so proud of that score. There was another ride that goes by the name of Rock 'n' Roller coaster which standing in the queue and seeing it shoot off made me want to turn around and chicken out, but I stuck with and ended up singing along to the music playing and I actually thought it was alright by the end of it.
Last but not least came the firework show. It was Star wars themed and even had red and blue fireworks for the Dark side and the Jedi side. The thing I like most about this show was that you could stand anywhere facing this building and see and hear everything. You didn't have to be squashed at the front, you could hang back a bit and relax whilst watching the pretty display. I really do love the fireworks displays here - the best that I've seen yet! So that's everything from Hollywood Studios.

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