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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Walt Disney World | Magic Kingdom

  After years of dreaming about going to Disney - the park that completely stole my heart was the magical and all round dreamy Magic Kingdom. Magic, excitement and wonder fill the park along with an added soundtrack to your life for the next two weeks and plenty of places to explore. The happiest place on earth (well for me anyway) where you can go and just enjoy the moment. Magic Kingdom is by far my favourite park out of the four and is the best in my opinion. It's full of magic, princesses, the iconic castle and the excited child in me couldn't wait to explore. This is the first and the last park I went to on both arrival and departure. Streets full of colour, happiness, fantasy, balloons and photographers waiting to capture your first moments in the park as you make your way to the top of Main Street to view the most beautiful Cinderella castle. The three year old inside of me got a bit emotional at the fact that I was actually in the place I'd wanted to go for years. On Main Street, colour fills the space with a variety of shops, restaurants, and merchandise. Some of the displays in the shop windows actually moved and was set like scenes from memorable films throughout the years. Very original and brought the Disney magic to life that little bit more.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Lifestyle | The Making of Harry Potter

Last week I visited The Making of Harry Potter at Warner Brothers in London. I admit - I've visited there around 5/6 times since its opening, but haven't had the chance, the time or the money to re visit since the Hogwarts Express was revealed. With the Forbidden Forest being the new feature, I took along my trusty family member (my dad) to save me from the evil clutches of Aragog and his minions. (Basically to come and protect me. Yes, the fear is real). You have to pre-book tickets and also have an allocated time slot. Trust me, this is the best way of doing it so you can actually see everything instead of pushing your way through the excited crowds. My favourite sets are the Great Hall, Diagon Alley, the Hogwarts bridge, the big pendulum styled clock that was shown in 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkerban' and of course Hogwarts itself. Apart from the ginormous sets and elaborate props along the way, you can also see how the creatures in the film were brought to life through CGI technology and special effects, along with the different camera tricks and techniques. I find this part interesting and also based my dissertation around this so it's always a favourite room of mine. It's intriguing to see and watch some of the characters being brought to life both in reality and on screen. The whole tour takes around 3/3 and a half hours, but you can take longer if you'd like. Hours of exploration, amazement, wonder and magic.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Fashion | Kate Spade New York x Minnie Mouse

When I heard one of my favourite designers - Kate Spade New York - had a store in Disney Springs, the excitement was real. Then I heard they had teamed up with Disney to create a collection even Minnie Mouse herself would love. Fabulous! Kate Spade New York uses fun, bright and bold colours as well as polka dots and stripes to create unique and very girly products. The brand encourages customers to 'Live Colourfully' and play around with their own personal style. After all, everyone is different. Kate Spade stood out to me as it was original, unique and very girly. I am now able to incorporate bold colours and individuality into my daily outfits through accessories like bags and shoes as well as injecting princess vibes and beautiful gold, white and polka dot themes throughout my bedroom.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Walt Disney World | The Parade you HAVE to see!

When I was younger, my parents took us to Disneyland Paris. Best experience ever!? Probably. Whilst I don't remember some of it, the Imaginations parade, including the song that goes with it is clear in my mind. Both me and my brother got to be a part of that parade and it was so good - we bought the music too. This brings back so many amazing memories, so when I went to Walt Disney World for the first time last year - I was looking for a similar parade that would bring back those memories and become a favourite part of my time there too. Magic Kingdom was the place to be and we just happened to be stood in the right place at the right time! 

Disney's 'Festival of Fantasy' is a vibrant, fun and magical 20 minutes of your life. Judging by the clothes all our favourite characters wore, this parade could have taken inspiration from their DisneyxBritto collection as there were patterns and a range of bold colours throughout. I love how in between every float the dancers were even wearing themed outfits to go with the next float.

As far as pictures went, I didn't get the best pictures in the world as the inner child within me went back to my childhood as I stood watching, dancing and singing to the songs I grew up with. But I did have my dad snapping away and even got Snow White wanting my bow! A few of my favourite floats had to be the Rapunzel and Ariel ones and of course the main event: Maleficent (in dragon form). The attention to every tiny detail is amazing, and the floral work on the first float is absolutely beautiful. It must have taken months to come up with the designs and take them from paper to reality. Everything about the parade is truly magical. I just hated that you couldn't buy the music to it as it was a brilliant variety of all your favourite disney songs pilled into 20 minutes of grace, beauty, elegance and excitement. 

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Walt Disney World | Hollywood Studios

*All Photos are my own*
I finally got to go to the happiest place on earth last year after years of asking and saving, so I thought I'd share some of photos and cute little memories with you. So, Hollywood Studios wasn't the first park I stepped foot in, but it was a park that I loved in terms of shows. I studied film at university - so it only seemed right to make a trip here and explore the world of animation. This park was about 5/10 minutes from the hotel we were staying at so it was perfect if we didn't want to spend all day there, or if we wanted to visit another park. After checking in with security we were through the gates and ready to enter a Whole New World... bad joke haha! I'll have to admit this wasn't my favourite park out of the six and my first impressions were that there really wasn't much to it. It wasn't until I explored that I found some things to see and do.